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  • Hyuck Kim (김혁)
    Dissertation : Actor-Network Analysis on Constructing ‘Meaning of Work’ in Platform Food Delivery Labor
    Current Position: FMASSOCIATES 전문위원
  • 10
  • Jungeun Son (손정은)
    Dissertation : Conceptualization of Workplace Metacompetencies and Development of its Assessment Tool: Focusing on R&D Personnel in Science and Technology
    Current Position : Korea Institute of Human Resources Development in Science and Technology
  • 9
  • Sooji Kim(김수지)
    Dissertation : An Actor-Network Theoretical Approach on Formation on Masterity of Korean First Generation leaders of IT
    Current Position : Korea Cultural Heritage Policy Institute 한국문화재정책연구원 선임연구원
  • 8
  • Keunho Kim(김근호)
    Dissertation : The effects of meaning of work on work engagement and innovative behavior according to quality of jobs :focusing on youth-friendly small giants enterprises
    Current Position: HRD consultant, FMASSOCIATES
  • 7
  • Sooyeon Lee (이수연)
    Ph.D (2019)
    Dissertation : The effect of superiors' support, organizational satisfaction,and organizational commitment on the within organizational career retain of highly educated female workers
    Current Position : Yuhan University, 유한대학교 전임교수
  • 6
  • Yeji Kang (강예지)
    Ph.D (2017)
    Dissertation : A narrative inquiry on career development and voluntary turnover of knowledge workers
    Current Position : Hanyang University School of Medicine 한양대학교 의과대학 전임교수
  • 5
  • Yoojeong Koo (구유정)
    Ph.D (2017)
    Dissertation : A cultural historical activity theoretical approach on highly educated working mother's work and childrearing
    Current Position : The Institute for Educational Research, Yonsei University 연세대학교 교육연구소 전문연구위원
  • 4
  • Minyoung Kim (김민영)
    Ph.D (2016)
    Dissertation : A study on the ‘learning together' and career development of job applicants through job-preparing study groups
    Current Position: Gyeonggido Job Foundation 경기도일자리재단 연구위원
  • 3
  • Jiyoung Kim (김지영)
    Ph.D (2016)
    Dissertation : A Study on student-workers’ learning and transfer
    Current Position : Senior Researcher, Gyeonggido Job Foundation 경기도일자리재단 연구위원
  • 2
  • Sooyong Lee (이수용)
    Ph.D (2012)
    Dissertation : A Study on the Social Networks and Career Development Process of an Independent Worker
    Current Position : HR-Team, Yonsei University 연세대학교 인사팀
  • 1
  • Jihyun Chang (장지현)
    Ph.D (2010)
    Dissertation : (The) effects of developmental network characteristics and developmental functions on organizational socialization
    Current Position : Director of HRD consulting business, FMASSOCIATES/ Adjunct Professor & Guest Researcher, Yonsei University, FMASSOCIATES 대표 / 연세대학교 겸임교수
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